December 16, 2011

Many new beautiful icons for the ROSA Theme

As you know, we use in ROSA/Mandriva distros our theme ROSA, which originally based on the Elementary theme, but currently our theme is practically different. We made from scratch windows decorations, cursors, wallpapers, KDE splash screen, theme for KDM, updated icons theme to work with KDE and GNOME, and made many new icons. But, icon theme is most complex, and first time we updated only basic set of icons. 

As we promised before, we'll work on our theme and later. Today, we updated some icons in the rosa-icons pack and made several icons in the ROSA's style for other packages, that uses their own icons and do not use system theme. 

Take a look at the image. I purposely didn't signed icons.

New icons for the ROSA Theme
Do you understand for which applications we created the new icons? You can check up your guesses by installing a package rosa-icons from the main/testing repository or wait while icons will be updated in the 2011 main/updates repository. 

BTW, these icons will be included in the ROSA Desktop 2011 Extended Edition by default. We'll release it shortly. 

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UPD: a package rosa-icons is updated in the main/updates repository for MDV2011. Will be on mirrors soon!

Is there alredy a post for Gnome desktop???


Is this an ongoing project? i.e. are you going to replace the elementary icons with new Rosa icons.

And secondly, is there an elementary-less pack?

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