February 02, 2012

ROSA Media Player 1.0 RC1

Today we released a RC1 of the ROSA Media Player. Since beta version we fixed several bugs, and added 2 new features. 

  • Possibility to get an audio track from video;
  • Possibility to get a screencast; 
These features will be very useful for users, who want to do a basic video editing and do not want to use  video editors (or can't - because do not understand how they work). Now, it is simple than ever.

Let's see them. 

Extract Audio Track

For extracting an audio track, open the right side pane and find the menu "Cut audio".

ROSA Media Player: Cutting audio track

You can select output format for audio file: mp3 or Ogg Vorbis. The output file will be saved in the same folder as for your video file, or in the your "Video" folder if media with video is mounted in the read-only mode.

Capture Desktop

For creating a screen capture, open menu "Video" and select the "Capiture desktop" item.

ROSA Media Player: Capture Desktop

The player will be minimized to system tray at the time of video recording. Click on the red round icon in system tray to stop the recording.

ROSA Media Player: System tray icon while capturing video

The screen capture will be saved in the your "Video" folder.

After small period of testing we will release ROMP 1.0 final. Thus, if you know any bug in our player, please tell us about it. We'll try to fix it before the final release. 

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