March 11, 2012

KLook: new utility for KDE and ROSA

It is time to disclose some interesting information. After 3 months of development I am glad to announce a new utility for KDE - KLook. KLook is an utility that allows you "quickly" look at your files (yes, it is a practically exact copy of MacOS X QuickLook utility). You can use it directly from the Dolphin file manager by pressing a 'Space' key on the your keyboard. KLook is designed to be fast and simple. 

Let's see on it on screenshots and video.

KLook in action
You can see all files in KLook as gallery

In gallery view you can see files in different formats

KLook can play video files

As you can see on the screens, you can use KLook to see photo, video and text files, supported formats:
  • jpg, png;
  • all video files (that Phonon supports);
  • txt. 
Later we plan to add support of PDF files. 

Also, as you can see we use buttons on the window decorations. Really it is not KWin, it is independent panel. We created "our window" because KWin does not allows to add arbitrary buttons into window decorations area. Thus, KLook looks practically like QuickLook from MacOS X. :)

And last, but not least, we created a small video that allows you to see KLook in action. 


KLook will be included in the next update of ROSA Desktop. Follow the news!

P.S All your wishes please write as comment for this post or send me to email. 

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Hello!! How do I get the source code? I want to make packages for Pardus Linux. Thanks :)

Hello! Currently KLook in a private testing procedure. After 2-3 weeks we'll publish source code under GPL licence. Follow the news!

for what mdv version will be available ? 2011.0 also or only for cooker ?


I think, only for Cooker. Because we tested KLook only with KDE 4.8. But if someone will do backport for mdv2011 - well, it will be good.

hmmmm so kde4 4.8 rosa build for 2011.0 EE will not be available? Because MIB 4.8.1 build, it's only for 2010.2 :(
That's sad...
Ok then I think I'll try a backport on 4.6.5 of KLook, it's far to good to miss it :(
Thank you .

it looks good :). Looking forward to it available in stable repo.

can you provide a link to src.rpm ?, I'll try a backport for 2011.0


The sources will be opened in a week.

Very nice! Can't wait until I can try it out!

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