April 06, 2012

ROSA Marathon 2012 Beta is out!

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce the new beta-version of our operating system ROSA Marathon 2012. The main news is here. I will not touch this news and will concentrate one's attention on the some other news related to the main news.

As we promised before, we included KLook in this release. Thus, we opened source for this utility! You can download source code from here. A patch for KDE 4.8 that allows to use KLook directly from the Dolphin file manager is here. Or you can use git for fetching the sources:
  git clone https://abf.rosalinux.ru/uxteam/KLook.git

What's New in KLook

Since last record of KLook we released 2 new features:
  • possibility to listen audio files;
  • possibility to see information about folder;
You can see them on the screenshots:
Pic.1: You can easily get information about folder in KLook

Pic.2: You can easily look through a music file in KLook
Also we reorganized "gallery" mode to work better with a small number of items, now thumbnails fill free space on the screen more correctly. Currently we working on integration of KLook with the StackFolders. The final version of KLook will be finished before the final release of ROSA Marathon 2012. 


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