May 10, 2012

StackFolder v2.0

As many people already know, ROSA Marathon 2012 is coming very soon. Thus, I decided to recount about new usability features in the RM2012. Today I will recount about new StackFolders. 

StackFolders was the first public UI utility from ROSA. You can see an old (but topical) video here:

Since the first release we practically completely rewrote StackFolders (SF) from the scratch. The new version of SF is written on QML and this makes it possible to significantly increase responsiveness -  now SF works incredible fast, even if you open folder with many pictures. 

Also we added one small, but important feature - if you will download a file to the your 'Downloads' (XDG_DOWNLOAD) folder, the StackFolder that is associated with the your folder will be animated. So, you never will overlook when a download operation will be finished. 

Also we integrated StackFolders with the KLook. You can use Klook to see any file directly from StackFolder.  Just press the 'Space' button on the your keyboard when a mouse cursor is pointed over necessary file in StackFolder. You can see this behavior on a next screenshot: 

Pic.1: StackFolders integrated with the KLook
And last, but not least, a plasma-applet StackFolder and KLook can be a parts of KDE. As minimum, we will bend every effort to do this

To get the sources just do:  
git clone

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