July 05, 2012

ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME Edition RC1

Hello folks!

As the readers of my blog are know, we worked on ROSA Desktop 2011 GNOME Edition and the last news were several months ago. Many people asked me about the status of project, and believed that it is frozen. But development is not stopped!

Pic.1: ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME Edition RC1
Today I'm glad to announce ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME Edition RC1. A list of changes between RC1 and Beta1:
  • new package base - ROSA Marathon 2012;
  • fixed problem with mounting portable data mediums;
  • added possibility to restore your system into syslinux menu;
  • updated UI theme;
  • a Cantarell (GNOME 3 font) font is used by default;

Known issues

  • Installation image is sensitive to installation media. Please, use a good flash disk or DVD to install system! 
  • There is some issues with graphic theme (we'll want to fix them until release); 
You can download ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME RC images from here. Please report any issues and bugs to developers by mail: 
arkady.shane [at] rosalab [dot] ru and denis.koryavov [at] rosalab [dot] ru.

UPD: By mistake we forgot to open the latest images, thus some of you, who downloaded the images yesterday, got RC0 :) Sorry for this. Now, everything should be OK.

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