August 07, 2012

ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME Edition final

After a month since RC1 I'm glad to announce ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME Edition final release (RM2012 GE).  RM 2012 GE it is a community-driven release with the GNOME 2.32 on the board. This release is intended for people who have no powerful machines, but do not want to use LXDE, or for people who do not want use GNOME 3.  

Pic.1: ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME Editon Final
Sofware included:
  • Kernel 3.0.38 with the latest security fixes.
  • GNOME 2.32 software pack with the GDM 2.20 and original ROSA Theme.
  • Chromium Browser 21.
  • LibreOffice 3.4.5 LTS.
  • ROSA Media Player 1.0.
  • Pidgin 2.10.
  • FBreader; 
  • GIMP 2.6 (you can install GIMP 2.8 from personal repositories of our users);
  • EasyTag;
  • a Cantarell (GNOME 3 font) font is used by default;

Pic.2: RM2012 GE Evolution

System requirements:
  • 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor;
  • 512 MB (or more) RAM;
  • 12 GB free disk space to install system; 
  • DVD or flash to install system;
  • VGA monitor that supports 1024x768 pixels resolution;
  • keyboard, mouse;

Pic.3: RM2012GE Evince

Where to download

You can download ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME images from here. To install operating system, you can use flash or write .iso-image on a DVD disk. For creating Live-USB you can use Unetbootin or use a "dd" command (GNU/Linux only): 
                       sudo dd if=/path/to/image.iso of=/dev/[you_flash] bs=1MB
Please, read ERRATA and check MD5SUM of downloaded images before you will start.  Please, report any issues  to our bugzilla (component "GNOME Editon"). 


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Hi Denis,

just to say, you indicate 512Mo RAM for the minimum but the installer says that it needs at least 640Mo


Yes, just ignore this message. We use the same installer as in ROSA Marathon 2012 and 640 MB - minimal requirements for RM2012 with KDE.

Hi Denis, my name is Massimiliano and I'm working for an italian magazine about GNU/Linux. I would like to know if we can publish the new ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME Editon into our DVD or not. Are there proprietary codecs that we can't publish?


Hello Massimiliano!

Yes, sure you can use our images. But I don't know Italian laws and can not say for sure will our images be normal for you or not. Here is the list of software that theoretically can be problematic for Europe.

If you want, we can create an image for your magazine without some of these components, but it will require some time (several days).



It would be great Denis.
I'm just starting today my holidays, and I'll be back monday 20. If you can prepare the new ISO image for that day would be perfect.

Have you also the distro logo in high resolution?


Amazing....Just what i was looking for....Great work ....thank you!!.

How ativate the composite? Flash on Chrome are tearing... My video is G31.

Just install compiz-fusion and add the command 'compiz-fusion --replace' to the autostart.


OK. I will ask my Italian colleagues what we should to exclude (if we should), and we'll create a free version of RM2012 GNOME Editon shortly.

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I installed compiz-fusion, thanks. Sorry for the inconvenience, but how to install Hamachi in ROSA? I tried the .rpm and ;tgz but I get the message: "Starting, logmein hamachi (via systemctl)"

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Do RM2012 GE repos contain similar packages to those on RM2012 LTS EE? Thank you for keeping us updated and all the hard work that entails. Rosa is great, by the way.

Yes we use the same repos, this you can be sure that they will be supported 5 years.

Hi Denis, I'm back in the office.

Where can I get the new ISO, please?


Hello, we are downloading them to the mirrors. They will be accessible in several hours (I will give link). BTW I forgot to ask, what magazine you are presenting? :)

Linux Pro. We haven't a real website, only an istitutional page ( but you can find us into our irc channel (#lxp on Freenode) or in Facebook (

Here is the link

Please, check md5 sum for images when you will download them.

Here is the logo

Hi Denis.

I have a question. In the future the CE publish a Gnome 3 or use a fork like Cinammon?. KDE is pretty but I don't like it & is to heavy and the Mageia Gnome 3 version is too ugly.

Jorge Manjarrez
Hermosillo, Sonora, MEXICO.

when can we expect "nautilus-dropbox" in the repositories Rosa


I've build nautilus-dropbox to the Contrib repo. Please update your system and you will can install this package. To workaround problem with the DropboxUI please take into account this errata info:


I was able to run Dopboxa - before using the command " rm-f ~ / .dropbox-dist/ "you first need to kill the process" dropbox "in the terminal as a normal user command" killall dropbox "

thanks :)


Please also be added to the package repository "gshutdown" - home page:

Currently I use the package provided for Fodery "gshutdown-0.2-1.i386.rpm" - install without dependency checking, but the required package "libglade2.0_0-2.6.4" is already installed by default in ROSA.

The program you have to manually enter the command at the positions:

* Turn off the computer

* Restart your computer

* Log off user

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Hello Denis,

Can you build a bluefish 2.2.3 package with gtk2, i've searched a package but all rpm packages that i've founded are build in gtk3, but in the offical page says that it's possible to compile and build with gtk2, and why rosa don't have firefox 15.0.1 in the repos or how can in install this, thanks a lot adn sorry for my bad english

Mr Koryavov, will there ever be a ROSA version of Gnome 3/Shell?

Hello, yes we have plans to do such desktop on the new platform - ROSA Desktop 2012 which will be by the end of the year.

Hi :) the link provided by you don't work-"404-Page Not Found"!
I want a true link for Rosa 2012 LTS-32bit gnome version,made by comunity...

Hi Denis!

I need to say, I'm really impressed with the aesthetic quality of ROSA Linux! I tried to install your distro on my PC, but for some reason the driver included in the installation ISO do not recognize my video card... And when you release a correction image, it just get freeze on the welcome installation screen... So I back to use Linux Mint. Although, I really want to use ROSA icons pack, but... When I tried to install the ROSA icons theme on Cinnamon desktop I get disappointed to note that it is not recognized by the environment. I tried both procedures I know, copying the folder contained in the package "rosa-1.0.26.tar.gz" to "/usr/share/icons" and, without the expected result, also copied the folder to a new hidden directory "/home/.icons". I downloaded the GNOME version of the package from the official ROSA project's website: - Did I forget something? Is there a ROSA icons package support for Cinnamon or any GTK+3 forked desktop, or it's just incompatible?

Ah, just one more question! The musician that composed the song on the video for the KLook demonstration video (, has he/her a MySpace or a website? The song is just perfect, brilliant!
However, congratulations to all the artists in the ROSA company from a South American fan! Good job!

Hi Denis.

It looks like the fonts are not the strongest side of this release. Probably something is just wrong with the screenshots?

Hi Victor,

It's strange, because copying the folder with our icons to /usr/share/icons should work. Try to change permissions to the folder and all included files.

About music for KLook video. Well this music was created by the our ... designer. :)

His myspace page:

Hi Stanis!

I don't know, I like them. :) Maybe you prefer other rendering settings for fonts?

Hi Denis, I downloaded LXDE version, and so far everything is working good, there is only one problem, when I try to shutdown or restart(logout too), this process takes several minutes to complete. Is there a fix for this?
By the way, this is likely the best distro I used lately.
Good job and best luck in future.

ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME

What about the option of formatting removable media, in the context menu of the system, will be a fix.

I am a big fan of pink you liked Mandriva 2011 by the beauty bar but the rocket gnome version found most practical and consistent with what little I know of linux. Not for less that I have both versions on my desktop.

The Cinnamon Desktop is nice - but after installing all dependencies, cinnamon-settings 2.7 python complains of importing gobject from constants.py24 and terminates with a segmentation fault crash.

It may or may not be related to a broken dbus - nautilus complains of a broken connection and nemo file manager and mint display manager is not packaged in the abf downloads i586 contrib repository. Neither is the latest version of Cinnamon.

Apart from that, no issues with Rosa Linux's GNOME version.

I do not know, I do not work at/with ROSA anymore.

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