August 23, 2012

ROSA Media Player 1.5: call for translators

Development process of the next release of ROSA Media Player has come to an end. Right now we are polishing some features and will release ROMP 1.5 very soon. What you will see in the ROMP 1.5?

Pic. 1: ROSA Media Player 1.5 RC1 for GNU/Linux

  • First of all, we worked hard on the engine of ROMP and added possibility to use other engines. Thus, we added experimental support of MIDI with the help of wildmidi engine. 
  • Changed graphical theme - now it more corresponds to our requirements. 
  • Completely redesigned a "Settings" dialog. Now it is pretty simple and usable. 
  • Added support of IDv3 (2.4) tags in media files in UTF-8 encoding;
  • And last, but not least: we created a version of ROMP for ... Microsoft Windows! Yes, ROSA Media Player is a cross platform software now. But because it is first our version for Windows  it will be in "beta" status. Also some function of ROMP for GNU/Linux are not implemented  in Windows version now. Among them: screencasts and midi support.
Pic. 2: ROSA Media Player 1.5 RC1 for Windows
For preparing the new version of  ROSA Media Player, we need the help of our community. If  you can spend some time for translation ROMP on your native language - please, help us with this. Here is the information about current status of translations in ROMP:

For starting translation you should to register in the project and make application to  include you into a list of ROMP translators.

You can download a GNU/Linux version of ROMP from here (direct links: i586x86_64), Windows version - here


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Hi Denis,

I'm registered at but don't find what to do to be in the french translation list for ROMP


I've added you as coordinator of French team.

Hello! I've added you to Indonesian team!

I've requested a Malay (ms_MY) team.

Any feedback on this software? I haven't tried downloading it yet and I'm waiting for it to go past the beta stage.

-Lawrence Banks

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