September 11, 2012

ROSA Media Player 1.5

After a short period of testing since ROSA Media Player 1.5 RC1 (ROMP),  I'm happy to announce that the new version of ROSA Media Player is ready for downloading. Information about new features in the ROMP 1.5 you can find in the previous post

ROSA Media Player 1.5: New look

Changes since RC1:
  • When you open folder with audio files, they will be added recursively to a playlist;
  • Midi added as the one of supported file in ROMP;
  • Fixed crash when adding corrupted midi file;
  • Fixed bug with casual resizing of the "About ROSA Media Player" dialog in Microsoft Windows (tm);
  • Fixed bug with wrong version in the "About ROSA Media Player" dialog for Microsoft Windows;
  • Updated translations: French (many thanks to Sylvain ZUCCA and altadeos), Slovenian (many thanks to Jure Repinc), Romanian (many thanks to Cristian Gherman), started translation process for the Indonesian and Malay languages (these languages will be added after they will have 50% or more translated strings);
Where to download

The source code for ROSA Media Player you can find here. Version for Microsoft Windows is here. Version for ROSA Marathon 2012 will be very soon in our repositories, so follow the updates (if you can't wait you can download it from here).


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