November 27, 2012

KLook 2.0: Better than ever

Hello ROSA users and just KLook fans. I have some great news for you. Several days ago we published on the our build system  - ABF a new version of KLook with the many improvements. Most of these improvement have made in KLook architecture, so you will not see many visible changes, but you will felt them. 

A first and main improvement: we added support of remote file systems! Thus, you can use KLook with FTP, SMB, WebDAV and other directories and files that can be opened in the Dolphin file manager. 

Pic.1: KLook 2.0 - work with remote objects

If the file that you will try to open in KLook will be a folder or an archive - then KLook just show information window about it, otherwise KLook will try to open this file and show it to you. 

A second improvement: we moved handling of previews in the 'Gallery Mode' from the QML side to C++ side, so the quality of previews has been significantly improved.

For people, who still not use ROSA: a fly in the ointment: it seems that we'll can't push KLook to the official KDE repositories. A new maintainer of the Dolphin file manager refuses all our attempts to pass our code into KDE upstream. So, it can be one more item "+" to use ROSA. :)

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As usual : awesome !!!

Here is a french translation of your article ;)


i tried to read conversations, but had difficulties to understand: what is exaclty blocking the progress of upstream integration?


Just read this:

It looks like Frank just does not want to work with KLook.

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