December 18, 2012

My first GNU/Linux distros

Year 2004. I'm an Java EE programmer on MS Windows decided to plunge into the fantastic GNU/Linux world.... 

These were my 2 first GNU/Linux distros that I used on my home desktop (actually, I met with GNU/Linux a little earlier - the very first GNU/Linux distro that I saw, it was  RedHat 9.0).

Unfortunately both of them no longer develop now.  

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Red Hat develops through the Fedora foundation, and Mandrake is now Mandriva and is alive and hopefully getting better. They just launched OpenMandriva to make the distro a community distro.

FWIW, my first distro was Red Hat 5.2, and the first one that actually made sense and was usable to me was Mandrake 7. Prior to Mandrake, I couldn't make heads or tails with Red Hat. Gnome used Enlightenment for a backend, and they both had their own configuration tools. Red Hat hat RPM, but no dependency checking was a nightmare. Mandriva had KDE and URPMI, which took care of both of those and made me a Linux user.

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