January 15, 2013

ROSA Desktop 2012 GNOME Edition Beta

Today I'm glad to announce a new development version of ROSA GNOME Editon - ROSA Desktop 2012 GNOME Edition Beta. ROSA Desktop 2012 GNOME Edition is fully community edition distro, that is not  officially supported by ROSA. This distro is intended for people who love GNOME 3 and want to use it instead of official desktop based on Plasma Desktop.

I already hear the question:  Whaaat?! Why 2012 when we have 2013 outside the window?!

Well, this is normal. Our distro is builded on the ROSA 2012.1 platform that is used for ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012. But because ROSA Desktop 2012.1 later was named as ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 we decided do not break a logical connection for the our distros and solved to give name for the new distro ROSA Desktop 2012 GNOME (but because we use the same grub package as in official distro, after installation you will see "ROSA Desktop.Fresh" menu item in grub). The previous release was named as ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME. I hope all this naming will not confuse our users. Anyway, we will be glad to see your comments about this.

Pic.1: ROSA Desktop 2012 GNOME Beta


  • Only 64-bit image will be available since this release. 
  • System components are the same as in ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012;
  • GNOME 3.6;
  • ROSA Media Player as video player;
  • Audacious as audio player;
  • Chromium Browser as default browser for the Internet;
  • Evolution as email client;
  • ROSA icons (adopted for GNOME 3!);
  • GNOME Tweak Tool included by default;
  • Fixed bug https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=643111 

Pic.2: ROSA Desktop 2012 GNOME, applications

Known bugs:

  • Sharing files through SAMBA requires manual configuration of "net usershare" function before using (just add your user to the group users, to do this, run in console under root: gpasswd -a [your_user_name] users);
  • gnome-documents works unstable with the Google Docs (Drive); 
You can download ROSA Desktop 2012 GNOME from here.

Next release will be a final release and we plan to do this no later that the end of January. So, please, help us to test this beta version! Submit all bugs (if you will find any) to our bugzilla, component: GNOME Edition, or to rosa-devel@ mailing list. 


3 коммент. :

Nice, will give a try and an article on my blog ASAP.

But I think lots of people are going to complain about this :
"Only 64-bit image will be available since this release"

Well, we will be glad to help by instructions any volunteer who will want to support this image. :)

on the other hand , I think that a lot of people would feast if you drop
the ix86 crap :D
On old cpu the people should install dedicated distro , dsl, puppy, sms a.s.o.
modern distros on old HW causes only troubles and time lost for us trying to help them.
64 bit yummmmmi I love it .

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