July 11, 2013

Long time no post. News from the front.

I have no posted to the my blog for several months. It is time to write something, all the more I have several important (as minimum for me :)) news. 

First of all, I should say here, that I do not plan to write special news about ROSA and OpenMandriva anymore, just because I do not work at ROSA already more than a month. Yes, I changed my job. Now I work at Mirantis and as a development manager in the Murano project.

Second, I worked with free software more than 10 years and ... got tired of it. No, no I do not mean that I will not work on free software anymore (btw, Murano is a free software), but I definitely need a 'vacation' from it. Thus, now my main laptop is - MacBook Pro 15 (retina) with MacOS X 10.8 on the board. 
My new working place
To be honest, I'm happy with this. Everything just works. Unfortunately and I can say this freely now: if we will speak about usability (and not ideology) GNU/Linux distros are still not rivals for the MacOS X and Microsoft Windows on desktops and laptops.

More than 20 years of development and any free distro can't be the rival of the proprietary operating systems? Unfortunately not. Even Ubuntu and ROSA. Why? I have plans to write an other post about this. Stay tuned. :)

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I moved from Windows to Linux some 6 years ago and since that i haven't missed Windows not a single day. How about Apple ecosystem? Too expensive, too over-hyped and probably the lowest security level of any ix-systems. Sorry, not for me. My son is using it and though hardware is good indeed the software isn't impressive at all. With Linux and open source software i have saved thousands of €'s so far.

One thing one should realize: Apple is a religion.

I like Linux as my primary OS (right now using Mint and Crunchbang). I use Windows at work and, secondarily, at home. I find Windows 8 to be just fine, and prefer it to what came before. I got my daughter a MacBook recently for high school graduation, and it's a nice device as well.

When it comes down to polish, ultimately Linux doesn't hold up to Windows or Mac OS X; I think that's true. Considering the time, money, and other resources these companies spend on just one product, it isn't surprising. With Linux, you have multiple groups of people working across multiple distros, often with different end goals in mind as to what is best in terms of usability, etc.

That said, I'll still take Linux over Windows or Mac OS, even though it lacks some of the finer polish of those two. I genuinely like Linux. There's also a certain philosophy behind using Linux as opposed to steeping oneself entirely in the Mac or Windows ecosystems. Linux does almost everything I need, and if it did everything I needed I would get rid of Windows all together. That's not to say I hate Windows - I don't. I just like Linux better, even with its flaws (which are pretty minor in my view).

FUD like this just pisses me off. It's fine you have a better job and a shiny new hardware.. but its really low to come here and bad mouth a software built essentially by the community.. comparing it to a multi billion dollar comany.. a community which you were part of. And no.. Mac just don't work. I had a torrid experience trying to get ntfs drive working on a mac the other day.. I had to google and tried different suggestions many including working with terminal and in the end I could not get it to work. Same thing happened when I tried playing some avi files.. It didn't work and required me to download vlc which didnt work because the mac was running a mac version 2 years old which was nolonger compatible with the version of vlc i intended on installing. On a whole I was left with the feeling of the mac being over rated. Sure the hardware is top notch but the OS left alot to be desired IMHO.. Most people are just carried away by the shine. and probably the tight integration between software and hardware something which linux lacks for obvious reasons.

When you put security, privacy, and freedom aside, all three big OS's (windows, OSX, and Linux) are usable. They each have their quirks. None of them always "just work." I personally can't put freedom and privacy aside.

Whenever I have to use Windows for any length of time I eventually get annoyed and exasperated with it because of its shortcomings as a desktop operating system.

'If we will speak about usability (and not ideology) MacOS X and Microsoft Windows are still not rivals for GNU/Linux distros on desktops and laptops.' I can make that statement in reverse, and it's just as true as when you made it. It depends on a number of factors, and partly just personal preference. As a simple statement of fact, it falls flat.

Why are people bashing Denis? I have and many other people agree with him, Linux isn't at that state yet. Don't get too hurt by it little fans, just accept it and aim to do better instead of put your petty angry feelings here.

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